A Trainer’s Must-have Equipment List

Whether you’re a newly certified trainer or a seasoned trainer who is considering going solo, you’ll need a few pieces of fitness equipment to get started on your training journey. Although there are hundreds of body-weight exercises you can do with your clients, you’ll want some tools to keep them excited and challenged. You can get started by investing in just a few pieces at a time. Having access to lightweight, portable equipment means you can set up workouts anywhere, anytime at a relatively low cost. Just make sure the equipment is safe to use and free from damage before you have your clients use it.

First, make sure you have the necessary tools to assess your clients to create and track their goals. Here is a checklist of items you will likely need:

  • Non-elastic, flexible tape measure for circumference measurements
  • Clipboard for training worksheets
  • Timer and stopwatch
  • Bioelectrical impedance scale or handheld device for determining body mass index and approximate body-fat percentage
  • Printed forms and questionnaires
  • Business Cards

Now for the exercise equipment:

Resistance Bands

A variety of resistance bands, which are lightweight, easily packable, mobile and helpful for progressions and regressions. There are many different kinds of resistance bands, so be sure to do your research to find what you need for your specific clients. 

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat gives you the ability to work with your clients anywhere, whether it’s a garage floor, dusty parking lot or itchy grass. With a yoga mat available, your client won’t have an excuse not to get on the floor or ground.

Stability Straps

These can be hooked onto almost anything, are great for body-weight and functional movement training.

Agility Ladder

An agility ladder is a useful tool for cardio, agility and other coordination movements.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are an effective way to help your clients warm up and cool down. You can find a variety of sizes and styles of rollers online and at just about any local sporting goods store.

Jump Rope

It’s tough to beat the simplicity and efficiency of a jump rope. Usable with a wide range of fitness levels, jump ropes are also lightweight, portable and relatively inexpensive.


Cones can be used to created parameters and as markers for agility drills, directional changes and games.

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