4 Simple Ways to Transform Your Diet in the New Year

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If you're like most of our clients, you want to start your New Year off right and kick your health into high gear by improving your diet. Although you may be tempted to completely overhaul your diet, it's unrealistic to make a lot of changes all at once (cutting out sugar, salt, processed food, white breads, etc.) and expect yourself stick to all of the changes, especially over the long-term. For the best long-lasting results, it's better to pick several, achievable dietary changes that reap results, rather than try to change your entire diet at once. Making manageable changes will help you to stick to them and by next year, you won't find yourself wanting to completely revamp your diet again.

Here are four ways to transform your diet and get on the healthy track without having to change every single food you put in your mouth.

1. Add veggies to EVERY meal.

Veggies are packed with fiber to fill you up with very few calories. Plus, they're nutrient powerhouses, packed with phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds, so they're a sure-fire way to instantly improve your health, assist in weight loss and fight disease. Breakfast is typically the hardest meal for people to include veggies, so here are three ways to add a veggie punch at breakfast:

Kale Recharge Smoothie: This smoothie is perfect for helping to neutralize toxins (kale aids the liver in both phases of its detoxification process) and for flushing bloat (thanks to its powerful nutrients, water and potassium). Drink this with your breakfast and you'll get kale and carrots first thing in the morning.

Healthy Green Detox Smoothie: Start your day off with this spinach-rich smoothie. The pineapple and avocado make it sweet and creamy, and the spinach is surprisingly mild so you actually can't even taste it. Combine the smoothie with some protein like Greek yogurt or eggs, or add protein powder to the smoothie.

Egg and Mozzarrella Breakfast Pizza: This healthy version of pizza boasts mushrooms, onions and peppers, and is just 190 calories.

2. Limit alcohol to two drinks per week.

For those with an active social calendar, this can be the hardest one. But alcohol taxes the liver (and the entire body) in a major way. When it comes to a healthy diet, one of the biggest issues is that alcohol adds a lot of calories and makes you feel hungrier, while also lowering inhibitions, so you care less about what you eat.

-If you're a social

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