How To Combat Loose Skin After Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Coach If you have rapidly lost a lot of weight you may notice a lot of loose skin hanging off your body. Loose skin usually occurs under the area of the arms, stomach and buttock areas. This loose skin after weight loss may be causing you to feel embarrassed about the way your body looks.

There are a few tactics in the form of medical procedures, nutrition, exercises and creams that you will be able to use on your loose skin after weight loss. Skin is an elastic organ and this is what causes loose skin after rapid weight loss. Other factors that contribute to loose skin include sun exposure, smoking, dehydration and age.

Tip 1 Lose Weight at a Steady Pace

Excessive exercising and crash dieting will make your body lose muscle and fat at a rapid rate. Aim to lose two pounds a week and include weight lifting types of exercises to ensure you don’t lose you lean muscle mass.

Tip 2 Drink Plenty of Water

Staying well hydrated is a crucial in maintenance of the skins elasticity. From the food you eat and the water you drink Weight Loss (novel)you should be aiming on getting in two liters a day.

Tip 3 Follow a Nutritional Eating Plan

Foods that are high in protein contain essential elastin and collagen which is what plumps up the skin. You should make sure you are including at least one of the following food types daily: milk, cottage cheese, tofu, legumes, seeds , fish, certain oils and nuts. You can gain the highest potential out of a protein by eating as soon as you finish an exercise plan.

Tip 3 Care for your Skin

Daily exfoliation is a great way to remove the buildup of dead skin, this increases the circulation flow. Bath in hot water with minerals and sea salts to improve the exterior appearance of your skin. Use skin creams that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, E and A which will further increase the elastin and collagen in your skin.

Tip 4 Consider Surgery

Unfortunately, in some cases your skin may not have the ability to regain its normal form. This usually occurs from carrying around a lot of excess weight over a number of years and then rapidly losing the weight.

Your skins elasticity will decrease as you age, however if you eat correctly, stay hydrated and care for your skin. You will be able to avoid the effects of loose skin after weight loss. By keeping your attention on following a nutrition plan that gives your body what it needs and making sure you eat food types that contain elastin and collagen. You will be able to regain your elasticity in no time.

Exercising should include a few days of weight training to make sure you retain your muscle tone, as a loss in muscle tone can lead to very loose skin. Follow these handy tips and you will be looking great in no time.

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