8 Signs You’re Meant to Be a Health Coach

ACE Health Coach

Have you been considering expanding your career or starting a new one altogether? If you find yourself drawn to the health coaching profession, chances are you possess certain characteristics that inspire you to want to help other live their most fit lives. Here are eight signs that you were meant to be a great health coach. 

1. You value health in its entirety.

What separates a health coach from another profession in the health and fitness industry is the total approach for achieving an optimal lifestyle. An ACE Health Coach values the unique integration of exercise, nutrition, psychology and a host of other factors when empowering others to achieve their optimal selves. The health coach recognizes and appreciates the specific practices of other healthcare professionals (e.g., training from a personal trainer, meal plans from a dietitian) and serves as a uniting guide to these area-specific entities. The health coach realizes that each aspect of health is important to achieving optimal and lasting behavior change. If you find yourself often integrating nutrition, exercise and psychology, you have the frame of mind for becoming a great health coach.

2. You are passionate about empowering others.

One of the fundamental characteristics of a great health coach is a passion for helping others become their best selves. As health coaches, we can encourage others to continuously invest in their own greatest asset—their health. Despite the wide availability of health, nutrition and exercise information, putting knowledge into action can be a difficult feat for many individuals. As a health coach, you can empower others to take action through motivation, inspiration and guided discussions. A health coach has the ability to tap into someone’s motivation and foster action. If you feel gratified by, and passionate about, empowering others, a career in health coaching is one to consider.

3. You are engaged in continuous education.

The field of health coaching is a continuous learning process. From science to psychology, behavior change theories to business and marketing tactics,  health coaches must have the thirst and dedication to challenge their own minds as well as those of their clients. The health coach profession sparks learning from an intimate level with an individual client to a broader scale, such as developing a business model. The health coach isn’t afraid to admit that he or she doesn’t know everything, is willing to ask for help, research and reflect on new material. Health coaches have the ability to strike a balance between the science and the application of material and are able implement this in their practices.

4. You have an intrinsic desire to create.

Health coaches understand the importance of

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