Cabo San Lucas

Arch of Cabo San Lucas There are many places to scuba dive in Mexico. The two most popular scuba diving Mexico sites are Cabo San Lucas and Cozumel.

This area is on the southern tip of Baja Peninsula. This is where the blue water fish and reef meet making for some amazing diving experiences. The dive sites are limited in Cabo San Lucas. However, the wide variety of species available for viewing more than make up for the limited amount of sites, as does the opportunity to watch the spectacle of the sand falls.

Cabo San Lucas is the hub for cruise ships, handicraft vendors, sport fishermen, nightlife seekers and anyone who loves water sports. The area offers world class dining, championship golf courses and amazing outdoor adventures. While Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation destination year round, the most popular months for vacationers are between November and February. One reason these months are so popular is that from January through March you can see whales. Many visitors opt to go out on the View into Cabo Harborwater on boat trips to get an up close view of these breathtaking sea mammals.


This is one of the more popular scuba diving Mexico sites. This diving area offers excellent and accessible diving. You can do reef, drift and wall diving. You can reach Cozumel from direct flights from a few major United States cities, as well as flights from Mexico City and Cancun.

There is no public transportation system in Cozumel. So, if you are planning to do scuba diving Mexico in Cozumel, you should be prepared to hire a taxi, rent a car or walk. Of course, scuba diving is the popular pastime for vacationers in Cozumel, followed quickly by snorkeling. You can get set up with snorkeling equipment for around $10 at one of the many beach side shops that rent equipment. You should also know that there are many private beaches where you can snorkel for a small charge. If you are interested in a private beach, inquire at one of the dive shops and they will gladly set you up on your own private beach.

When traveling with your family and small children, you should know that most of the beaches in Cozumel are rocky. You can gain entrance to beaches that are safer and more family friendly for a small nominal fee. Check around for these beaches or ask someone at your hotel for their locations.

Whether your scuba diving Mexico destination if Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel or one of the other spectacular diving areas in Mexico, be sure to pack the sunscreen and, as always, do not drink the water! Vacationers from the United States and Canada may be surprised how fast they can become sunburned. You should also remind any children in your traveling party that they should only drinking water that has been purified or that is bottled.

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