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Its good buts its bulky., January 9, 2014
kolimit “Soldier in Iraq” (Near the Border of Iraq) –
This review is from: UP 24 by Jawbone – Bluetooth Enabled – Medium – Retail Packaging – Onyx (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I was initially given the Up24 as a Christmas Gift. My fianc? saw that I had been searching for weeks trying to decide the right one. She did some research on her own and decided to get me this product. But after a week, I returned it and brought the Nike Fuelband SE. BUT here is my product review.
1. Software: The Jawbone's software is FAR ahead of Fitbit and Nike Fuelband. It was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The Software integrated with all the popular Fitness tracking apps, i.e. Myfitness Pal. Fitbit does too. Nike Fuelband does NOT! That's a huge negative for me. I digress. The software automatically synced with Myfitness Pal. What I would offer as a suggestion to Jawbone is to improve the software would allow for the individual to put in Calories manually. It allows it, sort of. But you have to do some playing around. ALL, I REPEAT ALL, Fitness trackers are horrible at recording Weight Training and Static Exercise Machines (treadmills). BUT jawbone does better than all to help the user put the actually calories that they think may have burned and sync with MyFitnessPal.

2. Sleep tracking: Another good one. Their sleep tracking and integration was awesome and provided me an insight into how I sleep. I noticed that I do my heavy sleeping early and light sleep as the night wears on. I think that is military training. I digress.

3. Battery Life: 7 days is great. Before I decided to switch, my plan was to wear the device Monday-Saturday and take it off on Sundays for charging. I personally believe that too much tracking and syncing will derail your fitness plans. Need to give it a rest. No matter. This is still a plus.

4. Ease of use. Very easy to remove and expands. This was useful for weight training when I had to put on my gloves (w/ wrist support). My Fuelband, I must replace the links.

5. The Silent wakeup. Great idea. TOO bad the Nike FB DOES NOT have this feature ?.

Cons: Ultimately, I decided I had to return this product because it did not integrate into my routine smooth enough

1. Software: Jawbone needs to have a desktop app.

2. Feels Cumbersome: I could never find the right position to wear this thing around my wrist. I initially have the thicker piece facing up. Then I switched to it being down. Jawbone needs to be on board and design the next Up24 as something you strap to your wrist, not wrap around. This was the main reason (if not, the only) I returned the product.

3. Need to allow the user to manually input his/her calories burned after a workout. Why does Jawbone care if people cheat. They are only cheating themselves.

4. Need to thin it out. It is too thick and gets in the way. It came off while I was sleep. I believe it's too easy to lose this item. Por Que $150 es mucho dinero (Because $150 is a lot of money).

5. Where the heck is the heart rate monitor? If it's too much to put into the product, an idea would be to team up with a popular heart rate tracking company to integrate a HR monitor to link in with the UP to give accurate calories burned. Just a thought.
If Jawbone Up was similar in design to Nike FB SE, I would return the Nike FB SE in a heartbeat.


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