The Best and Worst Fourth of July Food and Drinks

Although we tend to see fewer clients in the summer as most head out on summer vacations, things always seem to get busy the week before Independence Day. By this time, a month of summer-time fun is usually under way and our clients become fearful as they’ve felt their healthy habits start to slip a bit. They also know that the Fourth of July brings a few extra days of social engagements and not-so-healthy food, which could spell trouble for their waistlines. The great news is that there are a few ways to keep your holiday lean!

4th of July Top Do’s and Don’ts:


Although we are the first to be gung-ho for salads, generally, Fourth of July-type salads are usually more white and creamy rather than green, which could be trouble for your waistline.


Start your meals with green salads dressed with a splash of light vinaigrette or vegetable crudité to take the edge off hunger and avoid the heavy stuff. Or bring an edamame and corn salad. This is a fantastic way to get protein and fiber and fill up with delicious flavor. And if your hostess insists you bring a macaroni salad, make a delicious, yet much healthier one like this Creamy Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese.


Potato, macaroni, Jell-O or other creamy salads are packed with calories and artery-clogging fat rather than with fiber and nutrients. And often, even salads with greens are smothered in creamy, high-calorie dressings like Ranch—so the type of food where you could save calories suddenly can set you back several hundred calories more than you bargained for.

Salty snacks

Social events tend to last more than a few hours, so noshing opportunities are available for endless hours.


Go for the Frisbee or a good conversation and escape the snacks; there are plenty of other foods to choose. If you truly are hungry, try dipping some veggie crudité in a tablespoon or two of guacamole, hummus or salsa, or have fruit, veggies or shrimp skewers or corn on the cob. Or try one of these recipes:

Go Green Fruity Popsicles

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