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Excellent way to transfer watch info onto i-devices & use monitors without displays., January 27, 2012
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This review is from: Wahoo Fitness Key for iPod/iPhone (Sports)
I bought the Garmin 610 package & went back n forth on wether or not I needed this dongle. I mean, I have the world at my wrist for my HR monitor & my footpod, so why would I need this too?
2 reasons:

#1. When you are banging around weights or using the boxing bag, a watch isn’t so very handy & can be detrimental to your motions(as in, worrying that you might wack your watch). Have the iPad/iPod nearby, no worries! The dongle picks up your specific ANT+ sensors & records everything just like your watch would. I’ve done P90X routines while in the same room with my iPad and it picks up stuff just fine, almost 12 feet away at times.

You wear your watch & HR monitor(maybe a footpod too) and go for a run or bike or walk or whatever workout. You come back home(or to the office, car, restaurant, etc) and you just want a quick upload of your workout to Garmin Connect or whatever else you might use(Training Peaks, Nike, etc). This dongle acts exactly like your ANT+ USB stick would on a regular computer, but to your i-device! Same info, less fuss. I went for a quick 4 mile run, and before my shower water had gotten warm enough to step into, I had my run & course & stats uploaded to GC & even shared on Facebook!

I can’t recommend this dongle enough! It is compatible with more than 50 apps right now(the Garmin dongle is only compatible with 1 app….seriously….just one!!) I almost bought the Garmin branded one & I’m glad I didn’t. Well worth the cash for compatibility & convience. I haven’t used my actual computer to upload any workouts since day #2. Why??? This does the same thing.

Only thing is won’t do is download updates to your device(but you can download courses or workouts or other user created content). So when there is a firmware update for your device, you will need to use the original ANT+ wireless USB stick. FYI.


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