My favorite zik….!!!! love it  …

My favorite zik....!!!! love it  ...

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my favorite zik….!!!! love it

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5 things you need to know about vaccines
I am from Quebec, Canada so "je sais les hivers" as was singing Celine Dion (translation: "I know winter"). Note that Inuit know winter even better, but there is little virus or bacterias surviving in such extremme part of the planet

You miss the first reason why being exposed to cold (going outside dressed like summer, neglecting the sweater or winter coat) makes you more likely to fall sick with flu.

The body start the shivering process to produce extra eat. This automatic system is trading energy from food to get extra heat. Your body is using that energy pretty much like it would when running a marathon. The difference being which muscles are using the energy.

When you are back at school or other virus spreading location, your body is weaker from wasting so much energy shivering. The immune system is busy to destroy the toxine from excess muscle exertion and has less soldier available to fight the incoming virus and bacterias.

The race is in favor of the invaders, they multiply faster than they are eliminated. You not only sneeze from sinus infection but also have fever and feel weak from general infection all over inside the body. The shock is much worst than a normal flu virus would be.

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