Lower-body Wedding Workout

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Your wedding day is creeping closer and closer and you’re determined to be prepared and fit. Unfortunately, many brides resort to extreme measures to lose the weight, which a) will not work; and b) will take all of the fun out of preparing for your big day!

In part two of this wedding-workout series, we review some basic tips on getting the right nutrition before your nuptials and learn a great lower-body workout to add to your program.

The Workout

Bachelorette Box Jumps

Box Jumps

Jump for joy! You are getting married soon! Choose a box height that is safe yet challenging. Explode off of the ground (aiming higher than the box) and land with knees soft and aligned. Step down and repeat.

Something New Squats


With these squats you will have your something new all taken care of… a new backside! With your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, lower your hips down and back, keeping the back ankle and shin angle parallel. Choose a depth that is safe for your knees and hips, yet still challenging (this will vary from person to person). Engage your glutes and drive up from the floor. (Option: Body-weight squats or unloaded squats with a suspension trainer)

Honeymoon Hip Press

Hip Press

Who will have the best bikini body on the beach? You will! Plant your feet flat on a mat a few inches from your rear end. Driving through your heels, lift the hips to form a straight line with your knees, hips and shoulders. Using a BOSU ball, fit ball or TRX Suspension Trainer can increase the intensity of this exercise.

Save-the-Date Side Steps

Side Steps

These side steps will strengthen your hips and legs through lateral movement. Begin in a shoulder-width stance and a half squat, and with a loop resistance band over your ankles. Maintain the half-squat position as you step into a wider stance with your left foot. Next, bring the right foot back to shoulder-width distance without dragging it. Ensure your toes stay pointed forward at all times and your posture remains upright. (Option: Place band above knees)

Couple’s Curtsey Lunges

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