New ACE Academy Elite Allows Aspiring Personal Trainers to Study on the Go

April 17, 2014, 12:00AM PT in Fitnovatives Blog  |  

ACE Academy Elite for iPad

Offering multiple learning experiences for aspiring personal trainers helps to ensure that no matter what study method you prefer you can prepare the way you want. It can also mean greater retention of the material, resulting in a better, more confident approach with clients later on.

That realization is what inspired ACE to partner with Troy Apps Software of San Diego, Calif., to create ACE Academy Elite for iPad.

The new app, available for a limited time as part of the Premium Plus Personal Trainer Certification bundle, delivers an enhanced study experience using only one mobile device.

In addition to marrying new features including tap-and-expand graphics, tappable glossary terms and custom note organization, ACE Academy Elite for iPad syncs all progress to the desktop version of the study platform.

Based on the original ACE Academy Elite, the app incorporates video lectures led by ACE certified professionals, custom progress tracking and lesson quizzes, and the added bonus of digital versions of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual and ACE’s Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals texts.

“We want to cater to a new age of more technically savvy learners, and ACE Academy Elite helps us do that using a platform we know is effective,” said ACE President and CEO Scott Goudeseune. “Offering this option helps a wider range of aspiring personal trainers retain the knowledge they need to thrive in their careers as well-qualified fitness professionals and help us reverse our country’s obesity epidemic.”

Candidates who utilize ACE Academy Elite throughout the entire study process reduce preparation time for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam to 12 weeks and pass it on their first attempt 87 percent of the time, according to data collected since July 2012.

“The native iPad app we developed with ACE helps break down the material into a digestible format that working parents, full-time students and others who are constantly on the go will be able to easily access and learn,” said Troy Apps Software CEO Michael Trautt.

The new ACE Academy Elite for iPad is available for a limited time free with the purchase of an ACE Personal Trainer Premium Plus study bundle.

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