Healthy Hollywood: Try It On Tuesday – Post-holiday Detox Workout!

Healthy Hollywood loves the holidays! Who doesn’t?

There is a constant flow of yummy food, drinks and of course awesome company. But, if you’re like me, I tend to over-indulge and my Thanksgiving feast lasted three days (not one)!

PLAY IT NOW: Thanksgiving Workout: Burn Off The Extra Calories With Astrid McGuire[1]

So, as I start up the new week, Healthy Hollywood (me, Terri MacLeod) is feeling a bit like a stuffed turkey. YIKES!

Yes, there’s always the gym and a good sweat to take away some of the bloat. But, I think I might need an even stronger remedy. Thankfully, Healthy Hollywood received a timely e-mail on wellness expert Sadie Nardini’s super detox flow.

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Sadie, who is host of the yoga reality show, “Rock Your Yoga” and creator of core strength vinyasa yoga, came up with a plan to help the body get rid of toxins that can cause weight gain and fatigue. Sadie suggests doing a clean sweep right after a time of excess.

“Do a cleaning practice regularly, and you might find that all the compliments you get on your glowing complexion, your calm demeanor and your increased energy help you develop a stronger ability to say “no thanks” to those drinks, dramas and second helpings that used to have the power to retox you before,” reveals Sadie to Healthy Hollywood.

Here’s Sadie’s Super Detox Flow:

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Detox Dog:

Come to hands and knees. Plant your palms and finger wide at the front of the mat. Tuck your toes under and lift your belly to raise hips and knees off the floor until you’re in an upside-down V shape. Press strongly through hands and fingers, and lift your right leg into the sky. This is a full-body inversion on one side. Play with turning toes down, open and bending the knee to stretch all through the hips as you remain inverted. Take 5 – 10 breaths here, and then continue to the next move.

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Fists of Fire:

From Dog, exhale and sweep your right knee into chest and round your hips and back upward. Use your lift and momentum to step your right foot to the right thumb. Inhale; lengthen your spine here in low lunge. Exhale; plant your feet and roll up into high lunge. Keep your front belly drawing in and up. Inhale, reach arms overhead. Exhale, bring fists into your side hips, and lift your pelvic floor muscles and low belly in and up. This is a detoxing belly massage with every exhale. Repeat Firsts of Fire Lunge 10 times, and then proceed to next move.

Twists of Fire:

Exhale, step your back foot to meet your right at the front of the mat. Squeeze your knees together, bend the knees and sit down deeper into Chair Pose. Lift your arms into the air, inhale. Exhale, lower palms together at your chest and twist your left elbow to touch the right knee. Inhale, lift arms again. Exhale, twist palms and chest to the left. Repeat Twists of Fire 5 to 10 times, one breath each or pause and breathe. When done, fold into a forward bend for a few breaths, and then repeat the sequence from Detox Dog on your other side. Repeat the whole sequence 1 – 3 times or more for a longer flow.

For more wellness tips from Sadie, check out www.sadienardini.com.[5]

— Terri MacLeod

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  1. Reply

    Is There An Online Site That Gives Free Workout Tips? I’m looking for a site that gives free workout tips and tips on getting abs. I don’t need a so-called “quick trick” that will supposedly get me a six-pack in 2 days. I just want tips on how to work out and what to eat to get in shape.

    View Comment
      • HealthNut
      • December 3, 2012

      If you want to stay in shape, you need to adopt healthy eating habits and make exercise a part of your daily life.

      How to start?

      Choose exercises you enjoy according to your fitness level. Aerobics exercises move the muscles fairly continuously and strengthen the heart and lungs. Examples of such activities are brisk walking, jogging, aerobic dancing, swimming, badminton, cycling and football.

      If you have not exercised for a long time or just started, start slowly and increase gradually over a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

      For those who are above 35 years old, overweight, or have medical problems, you need to check with a medical doctor before you embark on an exercise programme.

      Frequency or How often?

      Exercise for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week or more

      Intensity and duration?

      Do exercise until you perspire and breathe deeply without getting breathless. You should be able to talk or whistle while exercising.

      Do warm up and stretch for at least 5 minutes before exercise. Also not to forget to cool down and stretch after exercise.

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    Any Good Workout Tips For Men? I need workout tips that I can use at home and that works.

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      • HealthNut
      • December 3, 2012

      Eat healthy. consume a little more protein (meat) than usual. Work out helps but working out is about your body fat percentage. Eating healthy is the main thing, then work out. Two strengths when combined, result in that figure your looking for. When you work out don’t do the same routine work out everyday. alternate between 3 days and do different things each of the three days. like Monday do crunches, Tuesday sit ups, Wednesday go for a run. then Thursday go back to crunches. You can do more than one thing a day certainly but don’t do the exact same workout everyday. Your body gets use to it. Mix things up. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eggs, bacon, milk, orange juice. that sort of thing. Just combine eating healthy with work out and you should see results in the first few days.

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    Does Anyone Have Any Good “at Home” Workout Tips To Tone Stomach, Thighs And Butt? I’m not overweight or anything, I would just like to have a body that is more toned and healthy looking. I just need some workout tips that i can do at home in order to get rid of the fat; and tone my belly, thighs and ass. I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH DIETING, JUST EXERCISE. Thank-you 🙂

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      • HealthNut
      • December 3, 2012

      I know this sounds vague, but just use youtube. it’s awesome because you don’t have to buy an expensive dvd or anything and because you can specify exactly what you want to tone. You can search like “inner thigh workout” then choose from a bunch. Same with butt and stomach. There are some great variations. But, don’t expect perfect results from just working out. How you look is mainly due to your diet. Exercise just aids in that and tones you.

      Good luck

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    How Do I Get A Body Like This? Any Workout Tips? I wanna get a body like hayden panattieres from the kohls candies ad. Or a body like Miley Cyrus for that matter. I carry lotsa weight around my middle waist, upper arms, thighs and calves, back, and neck. pretty much everywhere! any workout tips for a teen who totally wants a flat stomach and cute body?

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      • HealthNut
      • December 3, 2012

      Try counting calories. 2400 is the maximum a person should usually intake per day (and I say usually because there are special occasions like birthdays and weddings where it’s kind of hard to stay under 2400 calories), and eventually (I say eventually because your diet probably gives you 4000-5000 calories right now, that’s what mine was) if you want to lose weight faster stay between 2000-2200 calories. Of course, if you’re diet includes fast food and Starbucks, 2400 is fine. Go to http://www.calorieking.com and look up calorie content of foods you eat, or you can buy their book, which might be handier. Combined with exercise, this is a great way to lose weight and isn’t risky like diet pills or miracle diets.

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