How To Use Wartrol For Treating Warts

What are warts ?

A wart is a hard and rough growth on the skin. A wart can form anywhere in the human body and spreads through contact. It is an infection caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma virus also called HPV. There are around one hundred and thirty types of HPV, but not all of them are known to cause warts. The warts are categorized into different types depending on the area, texture and size of the growth. The most common types are the common warts, flat warts, genital warts, planter warts; digit ate wart and mosaic warts. Even though they are not life threatening, the blister like growth causes people to have a low self-confidence and might affect the person psychologically.

How To Treat warts :

According to Wikipedia, vaccines have been found to be effective in reducing occurrences of certain types of HPV in humans.

  • The vaccine Gardasil is said to prevent occurrence of cervical cancers and genital warts. HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18 can be prevented by using the vaccine. The types 6 and 11 are the least harmful types and are responsible for almost 90% of genital warts. Unfortunately, these vaccines are not helpful in preventing many other types of warts. These vaccines will work only to prevent the occurrence of warts and not to treat them.
  • Salicylic acid is one of the well known and effective treatment options available for treating warts. A higher concentration of the acid will help in killing the virus and removing the warts. There are a lot of over the counter products that are available with a good concentration of this acid.
  • Another option to treat warts is to use topical creams like Imiquimod which has been found effective for genital warts.

What is wartrol ?

Wartrol is a homeopathic drug which has been developed specially for the purpose of treating warts. Wart removal using wartrol is one of the solutions available for people diagnosed with warts. You should remember that it is a drug that is available over the counter without prescription. But you should first consult your doctor and get diagnosed before starting treatments with any OTC products. Wartrol has many active and passive ingredients. The main ingredient in this drug is the salicylic acid. The concentration of salicylic acid in the preparation is 17%.

How to use wartrol ?

Any drug should be used according to the instructions for proper results. Before applying wartrol on the warts, first clean the affected area by soaking it in warm water for a couple of minutes. Dry the area, then apply the drug on the area with a brush or applicator if provided. Remember that warts are highly contagious and take care not to touch the wart. Once you use the brush on a wart, do not dip it back in the bottle without cleaning it first. Leave the drug on the wart and do not wash it off. It can be applied up to two times a day.

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Modesto Pitts is a writer and researcher on natural health products such as Wartrol. You can find in depth review of warts treatment at Modesto’s blog: thewartrolreviews.com.

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