New Years Ushers In A Time For Change

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The start of a new year is a very transformative time for most people, but for recovering addicts it can be an especially beneficial time of renewal and hope. The new year is a time for reflecting over the past year, which means taking time to think about the goals that were met, and the ways in which our lives have been positively impacted by the decisions we’ve made and the work we’ve done to continually grow as people. Inevitably, as we reflect on the goals of the past year, there will be areas we feel we can improve or things we wish we had done better. The important thing to remember, though, is that New Years is a perfect opportunity to take the things we wish we had improved on and put them into action.

What Are The Habits We Would Like to Change?

Part of recovery is being very in tune with ourselves and honest about the ways in which we can improve. Having an accurate idea of what we can improve on helps us grow exponentially as people. Taking stock of the ways we would like to change and writing how how we intend to put those changes into action drastically increases the chances of us achieving success with our goals.

Different Types of Goals for Different Areas of Life

All of us are in many ways many people. We are ourselves as individuals, in our romantic relationships, with our families, in our professional lives, and in any areas where we are passionate. The key to growth as a whole person lies in improving in all areas, so there may be real benefit in outlining different goals for each of our life areas or aspects of our personality. This also helps with time management, as we can help make sure that we are devoting adequate time to each of the things that are important to us.

Entering a Time of Change May Mean a Period of Discomfort

Most addicts are aware that any time of change or transition means going through a period of minor discomfort. If changing habits was easy, we would have already done it. The key to success as we usher in a new year and a new set of habits and goals is being patient and understanding that real transformation takes time and work to achieve. Having this understanding going into the new year sets us up with realistic expectations of what it will take to begin adopting new behaviors and thought processes.

Starting Early

Just because the new year starts on January 1st, doesn’t mean that we have to wait until then to bring about change. Getting in the right mindset can start immediately. Perhaps this means reading books or articles related to the goal we’d like to achieve, or even making modifications to our behavior that will help us to be successful as we begin to take in all of the change that a fresh new year has to offer us.

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Cindy Nichols is an addiction recovery associate who specializes in residential rehab at Recovery Now TV.

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