Walking For Weight Loss And A Healthier You

Everyone knows that walking is good for you, but did you know that it can help you reach your weight loss goals too? Walking regularly works for your body in many ways, and it’s also so easy that you really have no excuse not to be doing it more often. Use walking for weight loss to reach your coveted goals and to get healthier too.

Make Sure It’s Fun

Wear a personal music player when you start walking for weight loss, because the more fun it is, the more likely you will be to stick to it! Keep all your favorites on the player and walk to the beat. If you prefer, enjoy an admired motivational speaker or life coach in your ears as you walk your way to greater health and fitness and reach your weight loss goals.

Have All The Right Equipment

When you want to use walking for weight loss, you’ve got to invest in a really good pair of shoes or sneakers. Take the time to find a proper pair that fit you well and will provide all the support you need. Ask the retail clerk for advice if you’re new to walking, and save your receipt, just in case the pair you select isn’t adequate. Also, make sure you wear bright colored clothing after dark, like a white or orange windbreaker. That way cars will be able to see you long before they get too close.

Bring Along A Friend

Most things are more enjoyable in life when we have someone to share them with, and walking is no different. Try and convince somebody you care about to join you on your walks. Make it a regular part of your daily schedules, and both of you can look forward to being healthier, burning off calories and engaging in interesting conversations. Change the route you take for variety and challenge, such as increasing the number of uphill climbs you have to endure!

Use Walking For Weight Loss To Save Gas And Be Greener

If you choose to walk to the corner store for a half gallon of milk or a mile or so to the town center to pick up your dry-cleaning, you will be saving gas while working off weight! That cuts down on spending and the amount of pollution you are responsible for. Many people are opting to walk whenever possible, and they feel a lot better about it! Try it for yourself; while it may seem like a far distance for the first couple of times, once you get used to it, you probably won’t have it any other way.

Add Weights For More Benefits

After you’ve gotten accustom to daily walks and running errands with your own two feet, add ankle and wrist weights to the routine. They are an easy way to boost the benefits of walking without a lot of effort or abuse to your joints. Weights will burn a greater amount of calories and tone your muscles at the same time. Use just a couple of pounds initially, then gradually build up if you are able. Try arm lifts as you walk or increasing your pace for even more bang for your walking buck! Don’t forget an odometer either, as it will help you measure progress and chart your goals.

Using walking for weight loss can help you to reach your goals faster. It also accomplishes much more when you work it to your advantage. Enjoy more walks in your life regularly, and reap the many benefits!


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