Tips On Postpartum Weight Loss

You have just given birth to a healthy baby. You and your family are ecstatic about the miracle. As the initial excitement settles, and as you get into your routine in taking care of your baby, your attention turns to your own body. You gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy. After you gave birth, some of those extra pounds are still with you. You are wondering how you can lose those extra pounds. Here are some tips in postpartum weight loss that you can consider.

First of all, it is important to realize that losing those extra pounds will take a while. That is normal, and that is actually a safer approach. A pregnancy makes great demands on a woman’s body. After birth, your body is still in recovery mode. So, have a mindset that weight loss will occur slowly in order to avoid traumatizing your body any further.

The foods that you eat must continue to be healthy and full of nutrients. This is for maximum benefit for your and your baby because what you eat will fortify your breastmilk. Your meals should include lots of fruits and vegetables that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. You do not have to avoid carbohydrates because that is part of a balanced diet. Just make sure that any bread and pasta you eat are made from whole grains and not from processed flour.

Instead of eating three main meals with regular portions a day, consider eating smaller portions at more frequent intervals. That will keep your appetite in balance so you will not get hunger pangs that may tempt you to overeat. It will also balance your blood sugar so that your body will get a steady source of energy throughout the day. That is important as you are meeting the demands of your baby every hour. Never skip a meal with the presumption that you will take in less calories. You will only set yourself up to gorge on food later when you become extremely hungry. That will defeat your postpartum weight loss efforts.

You should not keep any junk food in the house. Even if you have a craving for chips, if you do not have them in the house, you will not eat them. Keep on hand healthy snacks instead, like fruits and veggie sticks. Try kale chips if you want something crunchy to munch on. Eat only when you are hungry. Savor each bite of food to extend the duration of your meal. When you eat slowly, you feel more satisfied by your food.

Make time for regular physical activity. Start with easy activities that are easy for you to do. Taking a walk with your baby is a good start. If you can find someone to watch your baby for a little while, you can go to the gym to swim or to do some light resistance training. Feed your baby right before you exercise so you will not worry about rushing through your exercise routine to feed him.

By sticking to these basic ideas, your postpartum weight loss plan can be successful. Remember to consult with your doctor about it. Just set a realistic goal for yourself. The most important thing to remember is to approach this in a safe and steady manner.


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    Does Anyone Know The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Who Would Be Willing To Share It With An Overweight Teenager? I am a 15 year old, overweight girl. I hate it when people make fun of me because of my weight – it is so embarassing! I would like to know the top secret fat loss secret from someone who is willing to share it with me. I can’t afford to buy the book, or else I would. I’m desperate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Any fat loss tips, too.


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      Go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food after 7 p.m.
      I know a woman who lost 60 pounds a month on it. She did nothing else!
      and as for your book – go to a bookstore and browse it. Or go to amazon.com, find it and then click “search inside this book” – you will be able to read an extract.

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    How Do I Get In Shape Over The Summer? I weigh 130 plus pounds and I’m 13 years old. But the 130 pounds is mostly fat. By fall when school starts again, I want to have lost some fat and gained some muscle. Every day I play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on difficult, and it is difficult, I sweat my butt off every time. I also go to the pool and swim 24 laps every other day. But I haven’t seen any results. Should I keep doing what I’m doing, or should I add something on? Please give me some fat loss tips, thanks!

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      First of all…good for you for working out and taking charge of your health. I am sure you are a beautiful person.
      How’s your diet?
      Are you eating enough protein? Are you eating a lot of empty carbs like pastries….? How’s your sugar intake?
      Sometimes the scale doesn’t change but our bodies do. Try taking measurements. I had lost 13 inches off of my body….but only 10 lbs on the scale.
      Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.
      Keep a food journal – it will hold you accountable. Look up online how many calories you should eat based on your age, height, weight, and activity level.
      Hope this helps sweetie and best wishes.

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    What Is Are Some Of Your Favorite Weight Loss Tips? What are some of your most succesfull weight loss tips?? I have my few that I live by, but I am looking for some tips on cutting down. Please only share different/ unique tips.
    I know about all the common ones…. lots of water lots of rest six small meals etc.

    thank you so much in advance!

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      Hi CollegeGirl

      In my opinion, no weight loss tips are truly successful on their own. Lots of water is not necessarily a good way, because how much water a person needs depends on the BMI of the person. 6 small meals maybe hard at times, especially when you are stuck at school or office and have no chance to eat, and then you need to eat more when you have the chance. Well, dieting is a good way to lose weight, but then it is hard to stick to a diet. For example, something like this:

      2 egg, low fat Cheddar cheese omelette – 320 calories
      2 slices wholemeal toast with thin smear butter – 200 calories
      Large slice melon – 47 calories

      Spicy Turkey Salad recipe – 304 calories

      Muesli or honey nut Health Bar “Sainsbury” – 180 calories

      Baked potato with 100g “Heinz” baked beans &/or Cottage cheese if desired – 300 – 400 calories (350 average)
      Large helping salad fruits &/or vegetables – 100 calories

      Another weight loss tip is to do interval and turbulence exercise.

      Turbulence Training is a fresh plan that requires finishing three 45-minute exercise sessions each week with marginal equipment. It is an increasingly trend-setting fitness plan with the intention of helping you in the reduction of weight.

      Interval training is the fitness world’s equivalent of a visit to the in-laws. The shorter and more intense the visit, the better. An interval is a short period of exercise performed at a given intensity for a specific length of time. Each interval is separated from the next interval by a short rest or lighter activity. There are no strict rules on how long or how intense the interval must be, however, changing the interval length or intensity changes the way your body works and responds to exercise.

      But people have a short willpower. It may be strong at the beginning but will eventually fade as time goes on- as they realize that going on a diet is not actually as easy as they think it is. Of course, the strength of willpower differs from one person to another. This is the reason why there are people who can actually maintain a diet and exercise program for 1 year and there are people who can only maintain it for few months. Nonetheless, willpower is a big factor that dictates someone whether to continue losing weight or not.

      And in my opinion, besides sticking to a diet and exercise plan, it is the ultimate willpower to stop yourself from overeating that is the #1 tip to lose weight. But that is the hardest part if you are accustomed to eating lots of food even though your body does not need it. It is partly because of the delicious taste of the food causing a craving for more. There are certain ways to fight this craving ad I found one that maybe helpful. It is a type of chocolate that can actually suppress your appetite. It will can provide Good Energy that promotes a healthy weight by providing energy while burning fat. And it helps suppress cravings for sugary snacks.

      Good luck!

      PS: Information on the Special Chocolate that I mentioned can be found on the website in the source box. Recently, they are giving away a one month free trial.

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    Does Anyone Have Any Quick Fat Loss Tips? Been working out and dieting for some time now and have lost a great deal of weight. i am now starting to stall and it is getting harder and harder to loose weight. looking for some help in changing my routine and diet. any quick fat loss tips would be appreciated.

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      You may find this helpfull. No matter how much I try to control my weight it does not work, however there was one time in my life that without rying and without realising I suddenly lost 4 stone. It was a time when I was suffering back pain and could hardly walk. Being alone in the house I tried to make things easy as far as food was concerned. I had a microwave on the floor and all I ate for a few months was tinned soup, various types, nothing else, no bread. It was so easy, just open the tin, pour it into a dish and then in the microwave. Amazingly I lost 4 stone in about 4 months. I have never been able to achieve that by dieting.

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