Four Of The Best Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss foods

No one will ever be accused of saying that weight loss is easy. It isn’t. Dropping that excess fat takes a lot of work and discipline. The reality of this difficulty is burgeoned by the ever expanding waistlines of the people that are around us. Obesity rates are rising at an alarming pace and recent data suggests that these rates will not be slowing down anytime soon. Part of the reason many people struggle with this process is due to a lack of understanding about the relationship between the food they eat and how that food impacts their metabolic functioning. The reality is that there are some foods you can eat that will supercharge your dieting efforts.

Below are some of the best weight loss foods.

Black beans are an excellent food that all dieters should add to their staple. What makes this super food so great is that it is loaded with protein. In fact a single serving of black beans has 14 grams of protein! Why is this important for dieters? There are two reasons really. First is the fact that protein is a slow metabolizing compound. Because it stays in the belly for a longer period of time compared to carbohydrate rich foods, it creates a feeling of satisfaction that cuts down on food cravings. The other major benefit of eating a protein rich diet is that, if you are exercising, protein will help you build muscle. The more muscle you build, the faster you will burn calories and lose fat.


Avocados, despite being relatively high in fat, are actually a wonderful diet food. There are good fats and there are bad fats. Avocados are packed with monounsaturated fats which are actually good for the body. They are also loaded with vitamins and nutrients that will keep your metabolism running strong. Better yet for diets, studies have found that the compounds in this food actually lower food cravings and overall hunger. The only thing to keep in mind with avocados is that they are high in calories, so you want to keep your intake down to around one-quarter a day.

Proteins in general are some of the best weight loss foods. Another protein and monounsaturated fat rich food that is great for dieting is salmon. This fish is extremely good for you and loaded with fat busting compounds. Numerous studies have shown that people who eat 1 – 2 servings of salmon each week lose weight faster than those who have not added it to their diet. This is a lean source of protein which means you get all the benefits and satisfaction of a protein rich diet without the unhealthy fats that are found in red meats.

Blueberries have long been recognized as the king of berries. Loaded with fiber, antioxidants, antibacterial compounds, and a ton of vitamins, this is a fruit that will not only assist you in your weight loss efforts, but it will also support all of the major functions of your body. A couple servings of blueberries each day will help you shed fat, lower your risk of heart disease, and dramatically decrease your odds of getting cancer.

These are some of the best weight loss foods that you should add to your weekly diet.

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