The Many Benefits of Crossfit Training

Crossfit training

Crossfit training, as an exercise philosophy, is not really all that new or revolutionary. Sure, the name “crossfit” works well in the modern era of branding, but the concepts behind it more or less echo the legendary Renaissance ideal – “sound of body, mind, and spirit”.

To many observers, the most common example of a crossfit trained athlete would be the triathlete. These athletes generally compete in a race consisting of cycling, swimming, and running. Of course, while their training primarily consists of those activities, we can assume most triathletes also perform stretching, calisthenics, weight training and other exercises to supplement their primary sports.

Similarly, the goal of crossfit training (as it is recognized today) is focused on all-around fitness. The original crossfit program, introduced by Greg and Laura Glassman about 10 years ago, recommends a mix of cardio exercise (like what our triathletes do) supplemented with bodyweight exercises (calisthenics) and weight training with free or Olympic weights.

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Many of the crossfit routines resemble a military obstacle course with an emphasis on doing bodyweight exercises like rope climbing, jumping, and other movements that demand both strength and endurance. Flexibility is also emphasized, but as more of a warmup or cooldown rather than the main focus of the workout.

Most crossfit fans like to set up “workouts of the day” with a variety of different exercises, and then record and compare the progress of themselves vs. their peers. This not only fosters steady progress for that individual, but adds a bit of competitiveness to the workouts.

Improving Your Workout

Triathletes are generally considered to be some of the best conditioned all-around athletes. Gymnasts are also well-regarded as being all-around athletes, and if you’ve ever followed the summer Olympic games, you no doubt have been amazed by the decatheletes (10 events). All of these athletes incorporate at least the spirit of crossfit into their respective training routines by varying the types and frequency of various exercises.

You see what we’re getting at here, right? It’s important that you create a workout routine for yourself that isn’t merely challenging, but challenging in new and varied ways. Instead of doing the same old boring routine over and over again, change it up. Add in some difficult bodyweight exercises. Do some yoga. If you don’t swim, start. If swimming is all you do, try cycling.

I think you get the point.

A word about shoes.

Probably the most important piece of equipment for a crossfit trainee is the shoes he or she wears. This is because of the many different type of activity the trainee engages in. Instead of having a set of running shoes, and a set of cycling shoes, and a set of gym shoes – and having to change shoes for each activity – it’s a pretty good idea to invest in a sturdy pair of shoes designed for crossfit.

Good luck, and have fun!

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