7 Easy Fitness Exercises You Can Do While At Work

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Don’t have time for a regular fitness regimen because of work, kids, or life in general? These 7 office friendly exercises performed while at work could be just what you need to stay fit. The exercises and tips are fast and easy, so you can still have a great workout without having to visit a gym.

1. Sit on a large office exercise ball rather than sitting on a desk chair. Having to balance while sitting on the ball works your core and smaller assistance muscles. Your abdominals get a great workout without even realizing you’re working your abs! As a bonus, sitting on the ball requires very little concentration, so you can still focus on your work.

2. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator. If you work at the top of a building, you can take the stairs part of the way, switch to the elevator for awhile, and then return to the stairs, and so on. You’ll get your heart pumping, improve circulation, and get those endorphins flowing. It’s a great way to start the day, and both your body and brain will appreciate it.

3. Park as far away from your office as you can and walk. Of course, you’ll have to allow a bit of extra time so you aren’t late. If you have ankle weights, strap them on for more resistance. Then walk, run, or march up to the building. Don’t worry too much about whether you look silly because it will eventually make you look and feel so much better. Just think about all the extra calories you’ll be burning!

4. Walk whenever you can. During breaks and lunch walk as much as possible around the office or outside. Walk as fast as you comfortably can. For an added boost, strap on those ankle or wrist weights. Walking is a great office exercise variation – you’ll burn additional calories, increase circulation, and improve brain function.

5. For your toning legs and arms resistance bands can work wonders. Hook the bands to the legs of your desk or chair and do arm curls, presses, and leg extensions reps while you’re sitting at your desk. If you are on the phone, switch hands as you do the reps. If you’re typing at your computer, use the bands to work your legs.

6. Stretching and muscle strengthening is always important. Eight or nine hours a day sitting at a desk can lead to muscle stiffness, loss of flexibility, back and neck pain, restless legs, blood clots, and stiff joints. Of the things you can do for the health of your body, stretching is the most important. You should be getting up every hour to stretch, and try to avoid sitting for extended periods of time.

7. Easy stretches you can do at your desk can be anything from reaching up to the ceiling with both arms, to touching your toes, to ballet lunges. Give your back a good twist and bend from side to side to stretch both your spine and your core. Sitting for long periods shortens the ligaments in your abs resulting in a “pot belly”, so make sure you’re stretching those abs to keep them long and lean.

Finding time to work out and maintaining fitness is a challenge, but implementing just a few workplace exercises throughout your work day can really make a difference. Enjoy your “Fitness Deskercise” 🙂

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