Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – A Fitness Rx For Tv’s Favorite Dads!

Father’s Day is this Sunday. And, to pay tribute to good ol’ dad, Gold’s gym has teamed up with Eric the trainer (aka Eric Fleishman) to put together a list of workout tips for some of TV’s favorite dads.

Eric the trainer shared his fitness prescription with Healthy Hollywood.

Don Draper (‘Mad Men”)

Fitness Prescription: Zumba Fitness

Celebrity Trainer Rationale: With its rainbow of neon colors and clever twist of “exercise in disguise,” Don would love the marketing behind Zumba Fitness, not to mention the beautiful girls that flock to the brand’s classes. And since Don is always thinking about his “bottom line,” he could even get a great tax write-off, and do some penance through the brand’s Great Calorie Drive, since the calories he burns in class will be donated to help fight world hunger

Frequency: I recommend 2-3 classes per week. Burning approximately 750 calories per class, Don might even be able to balance out some of his questionable habits

Tywin Lannister (“Game of Thrones”)

Fitness Prescription: Yoga

Celebrity Trainer Rationale: As the Hand of the King, and one of television’s most dastardly dads, Tywin lives in a perpetual state of stress – making him the ideal candidate for a healthy dose of Yoga. Known for its incredible relaxation benefits, the beloved fitness practice is just what Tywin needs to unwind after a long day of meddling in his kids’ lives. This mindful, stress reliever also keeps the body’s muscles supple and elongated, helping prevent injury and acting as a natural anti-aging agent.

Frequency: To ensure that he’s getting all of the stress relieving benefits Yoga has to offer, Tywin should look to practice Yoga 4 times a week to form a routine, while getting his body used to moving in a new way

Homer Simpson (“The Simpsons”)

Fitness Prescription: Cardio Cinema

Celebrity Trainer Rationale: Homer likes TV. Homer does not like exercise. With Cardio Cinemas, Homer can feel like he’s watching a movie or TV at home, while exercising at a pace he is comfortable with

Frequency: We recommend 5 times a week for 30 minutes while watching “Itchy & Scratchy.” That’s about 2,500 calories or in Homer’s terms, 8 donuts, while he catches up on his favorite shows

Walter White (“Breaking Bad”)

Fitness Prescription: TRX Total Body Workout

Celebrity Trainer Rationale: As a high school chemistry teacher, who turned to a life of crime, Walter White would definitely appreciate the science behind TRX, which leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. Functional exercise allows you to have the strength of a weight lifter with the sleek, compact physique of a fitness model – It’s 007 at his very best! Given that it’s a total body training system, it’s extremely efficient – giving Walter plenty of time for his ahem “extracurricular” activities

Frequency: Walter should look to workout 10-20 minutes a day 2-3 times a week

Joel Graham (“Parenthood”)

Fitness Prescription: Bootcamp

Celebrity Trainer Rationale: As a stay-at-home father for the past few years, Joel has been devoted to raising his kids, as well as building a tight social circle of stay-at-home moms, and hosting regular play dates. Now that he is returning to work as a contractor, Joel should look to enlist in a great bootcamp. The group dynamic allows participants to get out of their own head, helping lessen stress from their everyday life

Frequency: We’d recommend 3-4 times a week to help him get back in the swing of things, and adjust to his physically demanding career

For more on Gold’s Gym, check out www.goldsgym.com[1]

— Terri MacLeod

Copyright 2013 by NBC Universal, Inc[2]. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


  1. ^ www.goldsgym.com (www.goldsgym.com)
  2. ^ NBC Universal, Inc (www.nbc.com)

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  1. Fitness Tips To Prepare To Join The Army? I want to join the army, and I would like some fitness tips so I can whip my butt into shape. I’m almost 16 right now, and I’m not really in shape. Any advice from people who have any kind of military experience would be great, or if you just know some tips. Thanks!

    View Comment
      • HealthNut
      • June 13, 2013

      Hey man,

      You will need to build mental toughness more than anything, but you will learn that once you join.

      you should start out by doing 200-300 push-ups, 200-300 sit-ups, and 50-100 pull-ups everyday. It does not have to be all at once.

      You will need to get your general fitness levels up. The best way to do that is by doing this

      Jumping jacks-30 seconds
      shuffle splits- 30 seconds
      mountain climbers- 30 seconds
      burpess 30 seconds.

      repeat that 3-4 times. Before joining the army you should be doing that for 30 minutes a day.

      That should help you get started. If you have anymore questions, please ask.

      Good luck.

      Danny lupiani

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  2. Reply

    Any Fitness Tips For People With Asthma? Just need some fitness tips to help with my asthma. I want to be able to run for a longer period and have an overall better fitness level. I start losing my breath after about 1 minute of running. Any ideas and tips would be very much appreciated : )

    View Comment
      • HealthNut
      • June 13, 2013

      First, you have to choose a certain kind of exercise that they really can handle well. Some exercise that might be great choice for asthma sufferers are walking, swimming, riding a bike, as well as hiking. These kinds of exercise needs less physical move than tennis, hockey, gymnastics, long distance running, and many other else. You could also consult their doctors to choose the most appropriate type of exercise for you.

      Second, you can take advantage of your inhaler. You can use your inhaler about 15 minutes before you start to exercise. Besides, makes sure that your inhaler is always close enough to you. You will never know when the attack might hit you. Therefore, providing inhaler as first aid near you is very important.

      Third, breathing through your nose during the exercise is also important. Mouth breathing tends to trigger asthma attack since it causes you to inhale cold air right into the bronchial tube. In contrary, the air that you heal will be filtered well when you are breathing through your nose. Besides, nose breathing also allows the air to be warmer before reaching the lungs.

      The fourth thing you need to do is looking for a certain area that free from pollutions and allergens. However you should also avoid area with too many trees or grass. Then, you should also be aware of the symptoms of asthma that occur during the exercise. If you feel very tired and your chest begins to be tightening, you should be notice that those are the initial symptoms of asthma. Usually, those symptoms will be followed by wheezing. Stop doing any physical activity when these symptoms occur.

      By following those tips, asthma sufferers could still have exercise with less risk of asthma attack. Do not let asthma attack prevent you to have regular exercise activity.

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  3. Reply

    What Are Your Best Tips To Live A Healthy Life? Health tips in any area would be great. Especially what foods to eat, fitness tips, avoiding colds or being sick, and being happier.

    Sorry it’s so broad, but I just wanted some really good tips or secrets, or anything. Thanks!

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      • HealthNut
      • June 13, 2013

      One has to be happy, not worry about everything little thing that goes wrong, think of others who have life a lot worse or the ones who are gone who whould like to swich with you, but most importantly, you must cleanse your body of toxins and take suppliments.

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  4. Reply

    Is It Healthy If I(saysitbelow)….. Please I Need To Know!Fitness Tips? What Do You Eat Daily To Lose Weight? Is it healthy if i walk around for 30 mins each hour (for 6hours) and drink muscle milk for the morning to lose weight ? Im 4’7 and 108 pounds any fitness tips out there?? Diet tips? What do you eat daily to help lose weight?

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