Super cute!! Love the wig. Question: does your wig stay …

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Super cute!! Love the wig. Question: does your wig stay on with your wig grip? Mines slides back all the time.

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Sweat inducing game with great presentation, November 17, 2010
Mikhail Popov “Statistician” (Pittsburgh, PA) –

= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: EA Sports Active 2 – Playstation 3 (Video Game)
I wasn’t aware EASA2 came out yesterday and I decided to do something I usually never do: buy an expensive product without reading the reviews. Totally worth the gamble.

The game comes with two programs you can enroll in: a 9-week exercise program and 3-week cardio program. It’s recommended that you start off with the 3-week one but I decided to jump into the 9-week one. You’re also given a choice between 3 difficulty levels (which you can adjust at a later time): Easy, Medium, and Hard. I went with Hard and it definitely showed. It was a great 30 minute workout that had me sweating hard by the end.

I bought the PS3 version which uses three sensors that connect wirelessly to a USB peripheral. One goes on your left forearm, one on the right, and the last one goes on your right thigh. Setting everything up was a breeze and after I completed the avatar creation process (which you shouldn’t expect much from if you’re a heavy RPG player like me), I filled out some surveys for the in-game journal (for better tracking) and then proceeded with my first workout session using EASA2.

So far I’ve found the music tracks enjoyable but I’m probably going to make my own playlist and import it into the game pretty soon. The exercises are wonderfully paced and the mountain bike one is a lot of fun. You can make custom workout sessions and track all the progress you’ve made and create schedules and view your workout calendar.

All the data is stored on EA’s servers and a lot of it is accessible from; the companion website is mostly functional but does have a few janky (buggy) moments. EA is not known for excellent launches (online stat tracking for Battlefield Bad Company 2 was an atrocious mess for the first few weeks), but you should expect excellent functionality soon.

If you’re interested in doing this thing with a partner, the game features a 2-player mode if you buy another set of sensors (so far EA is only selling bundles) and that seems like it might be really fun. I don’t have friends willing to shell out $110 on something like this but I can see couples getting a lot out of buying 2 bundles.

If you’re even remotely interested in exercising at home without buying monetarily and spatially expensive equipment, then EA SPORTS Active 2.0 is the product for you. Recommendation based on the first day impressions? Buy it.

P.S. The bundle comes with a resistance band but neither the manual nor the game instruct you to put it together prior to starting your workout. Just when I was really getting into it, I had to pause the whole thing in order to set up the resistance band. It’s a bit of a lame oversight on the developer’s side, but definitely not a deal breaker.


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