Hey April do you every not look good? girl you …

Comment on 4 tips to ‘sleigh’ the holidays from SIMPLE Mobile by melissa taylor.

Hey April do you every not look good? girl you slay your hair, makeup and clothes, although you have a good canvas to begin with meaning beautiful hair, skin and figure. I’m not gay, just not a hater and giving compliments where compliments are due. I have watched you on days where you felt that you were at your worst and I was amazed. I am plus size around the same size as you, you give me hope. You do not have to be a toothpick to look good. I appreciate all the hair, make-up and clothing tips and all your videos and have starting my friends to watching you as well. You are the epitome of a strong black woman with all that you are doing and have done.keep up the good work, you Rock! I also love that grandson of yours, little Tinkey, he’s too cute and he looks just like you. Just want you to know that there is someone out here that really appreciates you.

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