Understanding Spasticity After Stroke

5 Responses to “Understanding Spasticity After Stroke”

  1. Catherine Palma Reply

    botox could help my stroke

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  2. Angie L Reply

    I have Botox in my legs for mobility. I have extreme hypertrophy of my calves with constant ache and pain. After Botox, I can walk, run and play tennis again! The only downside is price. I have very little money but I need these injections to function. Botox is a miracle but very expensive.

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  3. Cody Nelson Reply

    I had a CVA to on my left side aka stroke and I'm getting Botox soon to I feel like the specificity is limiting my mobility and my Ability to use my arm functionally

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    Thanks for sharing I have an appointment on the 10th of February hoping all goes well can't walk without a cane or lift my left arm my fingers stays in a fist

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  5. Dana Rowdon Reply

    Gotten it 4 time now! It helped the first time loosening up my painful shoulder enuf to move it about now, but it's done nothing for the tone in my wrist, or forearm rotation! I fear I'm facing surgery!

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