5 tips to keep ticks away

5 tips to keep ticks away

(BPT) – Researchers are predicting 2017 will be one of the worst years for ticks that we have seen in quite some time – and by all indications, those researchers are correct. People who have found themselves pulling ticks off their pets, children and their own bodies can readily attest to this. The question is, what to do?

While the tick population may be booming and becoming an increasing problem, there are effective measures you can take to prevent them from getting on you and your loved ones.

1. Cover up. One of the easiest ways to keep ticks off of you when you’re hiking in tall grass or a wooded area is to make sure you and your family wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and closed-toe shoes. You may think dressing this way during warmer months is anything but comfortable, but if you dress in lightweight, breathable clothing, you’ll be surprised at how cool you can stay.

2. Keep up with your yard. Ticks love a messy yard. They seek out tall grass, patches of weeds and unkempt gardens. Take the time to keep your lawn cut, remove any loose debris and keep the weeds out of your garden. Areas you want to be particularly concerned about are around patios, play areas and anywhere people congregate or pets explore.

3. Protect your yard. Ticks and other pests may seem like an insurmountable problem, almost impossible to avoid or get rid of. But rest easy knowing there is a solution to help protect against these blood-feeding pests. Whether you’re concerned about protecting your family’s health from tick-borne illnesses or need help controlling an infestation, contact a licensed pest control professional to come in and assess the situation. TheHealth & Fitness National Pest Management Association (NPMA) can help you find a qualified, local expert to identify and treat your tick problem.

4. Wear insect repellent. Just like you make it a habit to always apply sunscreen when going out on a bright, beautiful day, get in the habit of applying insect repellent any time you are out in an area that might harbor ticks. To be effective, make sure the insect repellent contains at least 20 percent DEET.

5. Perform regular inspections. At the end of the day, take the time to comb through your pet’s fur and check them for ticks, even if they are wearing a tick collar. Also, don’t forget to do a check on yourself and your children. Since it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for a tick to attach to a host and transmit diseases like Lyme disease, it’s important to remove them quickly.

To learn more about ticks or other common pests, visit www.pestworld.org. There you’ll find a wealth of information and resources that will help you and your family have a safe and tick-free year.

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  1. Krishna Neha Reply

    i hate it

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  2. izzy lol Reply

    A woman in super drug once told me when I had nits use hair strainers and try and put them as close to the roots and scalp as possible as that will burn the nits and eggs . Before my mum could buy nit stuff she did my not comb everyday so that when I went to school there were no visible lice

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  3. Will Salute Reply

    Man, I had lice like 4 months ago, and I think I got them again. Why! My mom made me cut my hair and now I think she going to do it again. We even threw away our old furniture and bed stuff and we got new furniture and I think there's lice in there to, shit. Man having lice is a waste of money man. I don't even know what to do now.

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  4. Gabshie Reply

    Ughhjh why do headlice have to exist my mum was combing my hair for 3 hours and thetes still eggs ?

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  5. WalkingThroughPuddles FullOfPain Reply

    A good way to get rid of most of the lice bugs, not as much the eggs, is by putting distilled white vinegar & leave it in overnight, then I'd recommend washing your hair with shampoo but add a tiny bit of vinegar into the shampoo to kill more, then blow dry to kill off more of the lice & nits

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  6. Bhupal Bhari Reply


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  7. Sophie M. Reply

    do these work? please someone should tell me

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  8. Fernando Tarala Reply

    yes yeseveybody hate lice

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  9. Aysha Mazher Reply

    my mom tried a lot of med and remedies to vanish headlice but didnt work but a spray called bygone just removed the headlice and nits in a day thn shampoo it i didnt have lice till then

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  10. RainbowBunny Garpestad Reply

    I think my school is infested because I get it every year. The auditorium has cloth and cushioned seats so I thinks that's y. I'm going to complain next year and I'm thinking of bleaching or dyeing my hair so it will kill them. Will bleaching hair kill lice

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