5 health ‘facts’ that are actually myths

5 health 'facts' that are actually myths

(BPT) – Get eight hours of sleep at night, eat your vegetables, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away – these are all common health sayings you’ve heard and probably believe to be true. While commonly told health myths may have some truth to them, there are some that don’t hold up to further examination.

1.) Starve a cold and feed a fever. This one has been told for years, though most people can’t remember which one you starve and which you feed. However, according to WebMD, the best advice is to starve neither. You’ll recover from the flu or a cold more quickly with a healthy, balanced diet, so eat sensibly and you’ll be yourself again in no time.

2.) Small and soft toothbrushes make for an ineffective clean. This one isn’t true. The American Dental Association actually recommends using a small brush head with soft bristles. Using a brush like Oral-B’s new Compact Clean provides a small brush head that can get to those hard-to-reach places and provide a precise clean. Because of its unique ultra-dense feathered bristles which offer multiple cleaning tips per filament, Compact Clean will also gently remove plaque in a comfortable, effective way. ‘As a hygienist, one of the biggest obstacles my patients face is finding the balance between using a brush that is soft enough and achieving an effective clean,’ says Andrew Johnston, RDH. ‘Compact Clean’s design allows you to remove plaque while keeping your teeth and gums safe against toothbrush abrasion.’

3.) Cold weather increases your chance of catching a cold. It seems to make sense, but it’s not true. There is no proof colder temperatures increase your chances of catching a cold, according toHealth & Fitness LiveScience.com. Instead, research shows the spike in colds during the winter months is actually due to people spending more time indoors, around one another, making it easier for the cold to spread from one person to the next.

4.) Reading in poor lighting is bad for your eyes. While it certainly makes it more difficult to focus on what you’re reading, there is no evidence that reading under such conditions will cause any permanent structural or long-term damage to your eyes according to WebMD.

5.) An aerobic workout will significantly boost your metabolism all day long. Nope, but you will enjoy a nice boost while you’re actually doing the workout along with a small boost throughout the day, though only about 20 extra calories according to WebMD. If you want improved all day benefits, strength training is actually the better way to go because it conditions your body to burn calories more efficiently.

So the next time you’re tempted to starve your cold, or only read a book with lights blazing, remember that these five commonly held health myths are now debunked! To learn more about how Compact Clean can lead to powerful results, visit www.oralb.com.

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We thought about doing myths about Moms, but that might get us in trouble. “Mothers-to-be” aren’t as dangerous, at least not to any of us making these videos. So this week we present a whole bunch of pregnancy myths. It’s amazing how many of those exist. If you learn one thing this week, let it be that if you have a sperm anywhere near an egg – YOU CAN GET PREGNANT. Enjoy.

Those of you who want to read more and see references can go here: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/?p=55348

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Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen — Graphics


Pregnancy Myths Pregnancy Myths

19 Responses to “5 health ‘facts’ that are actually myths”

  1. Zerra Risuna Reply

    1:09 So…they actually followed 100 couples and told them to pull out every time they got laid…then followed them for a year to determine if a pregnancy happened?

    Academia! XD

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  2. Zhane Harris Reply

    This is probably my favorite Healthcare Triage video. The myths about getting pregnant are funny when you sit and actually think about it. I think that the best myths are, 'You cant get pregnant if you have sex in the water' and 'You can't get pregnant using the pull out method'. These are about the dumbest things people could have come up with when it comes to sex. The last one would be, 'you cant get pregnant during your period'. I wonder how did people come up with these because they are hilarious jokes. People actually believe theses thing are true until it happens to them. My mom always tried to tell me that if a baby sat low in the belly, or if the belly was a certain size, then you could tell the sex. I also was told that its a boy if the heart rate is low and a girl if it's higher. I think ill have to show this video to my mom and see what she come up with next. You cant be certain, but you can take a guess; either way, you have a 50% chance of being right.

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  3. MichiruEll Reply

    My mom tried to cause preterm labor cause she wanted to not be in the hospital on Christmas (I was planned to arrive on the 26th of December).
    For the whole month of December, she shoveled mountains of snow in the cold for about 1-2 hours a day (very bad winter) and she tried lifting heavy things, hurrying up and down stairs… Result: I was born on the 23rd of December. Not very efficient. And she spent Christmas in the hospital xD

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  4. Deidre Parmiter Reply

    You don't need a doctor to tell you the gender- a ultrasound technologist does that job.

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  5. Gracie Fox Reply

    I predicted I was having a girl because I could sense it was a girl and it is a girl

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  6. CCtenor Reply

    "and sorry pregnant women, you suck at predictions too". The best line in this and I haven't even made it past this point lol

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  7. TheMan WithThePlan Reply

    Flying on a plane is dangerous for the baby if it crashes.

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  8. CommandoDude Reply

    In short, do it in the butt.

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  9. brittanie sidebottom Reply

    Me and my brother are living proof that #4 is a myth. My mom was on the pill when she conceived us both.

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  10. Kim ! Reply

    I read that which part of the placenta the baby attaches to (left, right, up, down) is a way to determine sex. Seems ridiculous, but I wonder if there's any research.

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  11. Ryan Scherbluk Reply

    I think it's funny how the woman always say to the man you did this to me you got me pregnant. Oh really last I knew it takes two to have a baby so maybe you shouldn't have been having unprotected sex with me then in that case it both the man and the woman's fault.

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  12. cannotthinkofaname Reply

    Happy Mother's Day!

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  13. Shante Laing Reply


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  14. Kendall Stainton Reply

    These myths were funny to think that these are things people do believe do and still do believe in. I have heard about the heartburn and hair thing as well prior to this video, but did not know it was true. Even professionals can get the sex wrong, in many cases where they may think your boy is a girl. But that is probably why some places will not tell you the sex until anywhere some 18-20 weeks along. To most of us, this sort of seems like more or less like common sense and I believe the nature of the video was intended to be a little more light hearted than others, it was still enjoyable to see these studies done to prove the myths are actually myths.

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  15. meredith rousse Reply

    In this video, Dr. Carroll goes on to talk about pregnancy myths. There are many myths that people have probably heard about. These myths include; the "pulling out" method, you can't get pregnant on your period, you can't get pregnant if you have sex in water, you can tell the sex of your baby without the doctor and birth control pills are 100% effective. Although i agree with all of these statements, i dont find this video very efficient. In some cases, yes there are time where all these myths are disproved but i don't think the statistics were very persuading. The birth control pill is proved in many cases that it is not 100% but the myth about being able to tell the sex of your baby is a very irrelevant myth. To me i found this video somewhat unprofessional.

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  16. Elizabeth Horne Reply

    These myths are funny and informative. Some of these I already and thought everybody did but some I did not know. I have heard many methods of trying to find out the sex of a baby and have personally seen many of them proven wrong. Plus, even professionals can be wrong. I have a friend who was told the whole pregnancy it was a boy and she wound up with a baby girl. Lots of hair explains why my heart burn was so bad. My son came out with a whole head of dark beautiful hair. The heart burn that made me vomit was not so beautiful.

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  17. aap Reply

    This video and it's scientific backing on the myths was interesting and funny. Most of the myths in the first half were kind of common myths I have heard in the past. I thought the myths in the last half of the video were interesting and kind of crazy how some people would have thought about them.

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  18. Josh Holton Reply

    I really enjoyed this video because it disproves all of those "pregnancy myths" that people today STILL believe. Even though everybody should have taken health class in middle school, people still believe that pulling out is an effective way of birth control. To most of us this stuff is common sense, but we have to realize that there are uneducated people out there that really don't know. This video should be shown in high schools around the world to remind them that pregnancy is possible no matter what the circumstances are!

    Feel free to reply on this comment and tell me what you think!

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  19. Anita Sirens Reply

    just abort the fetus? men kill sperm cells all the time and no one hardly complain. and also why bring a child you dont want just to ruin their lives? seems quite wickec

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