Thankful for every moment while living with lung cancer

Thankful for every moment while living with lung cancer

(BPT) – As a busy mother of two sons, Ivy Elkins shrugged off her sore neck and elbow pain for months. She thought it was probably from the extra hours spent planning a bar mitzvah for her oldest son. After all, a middle-aged woman who never smoked doesn’t fit the typical profile of a lung cancer patient.

‘To say that I was shocked and in disbelief is an understatement,’ Ivy recalls. ‘I didn’t have a cough. I didn’t have any trouble breathing. I didn’t have any of the symptoms that I would associate with lung cancer. I didn’t know that someone like me could get lung cancer.’

It’s a common misconception that lung cancer is a burden borne by smokers alone. While smoking remains the major risk factor for lung cancer, never-smokers may also develop the disease. In women, up to 53% of lung cancers may not be caused by direct smoking. In these patients, the underlying cause of lung cancer is often a genetic mutation, a permanent alteration in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene. To identify mutations, patients undergo ‘biomarker testing’ at the time of diagnosis. Doctors and patients then use the test results to evaluate treatment options.

After Ivy was diagnosed with late stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), the most common form of lung cancer, she underwent biomarker testing. She learned that she has a specific type of mutation in the EGFR gene. EGFRs are structures that exist on cell surfaces. When mutated, these structures can cause cells to multiply at a rate that is out of control, driving tumor growth.

Ivy was more optimistic about her treatment when she learned about her mutation status. ‘I knew that it likely meant that I could be a candidate for treatment with a targeted therapy, as opposed to having traditional chemotherapy.’ After her healthcare team learned more about her specific type of EGFR mutation and discussed treatment options, she started taking a targeted therapy.

Now, because she had the biomarker testing, Ivy urges fellow patients to take this advice: ‘It’s vitally important if you’re diagnosed with lung cancer to have biomarker testing done, to help determine the best treatment option for your cancer.’

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* To celebrate six years of being alive, with Stage 4 gallbladder cancer and metastasis to liver and lung, Edie Sundby walked the 800 mile El Camino Mission Trail from San Diego to Sonoma … Edie walked on average 14 and a half miles a day over a 55-day period. “I am fighting to stay alive not because I fear death, but because I love life. I thank God every day for this life, and I want there to be more, though that's not known. What is known is that I'm alive today, this minute. And that's pretty much what we all have - this day, this moment.”

“I walked the old unmapped old mission trail that stretches from San Diego to north of San Francisco to rid myself of the terror of cancer, and to overcome the fear of it coming back. It took hundreds of miles walking to just begin to rid my heart of six years of fear. That fear may never completely fade, but actively engaging life - whatever that may involve - reminds me of the joy each day can bring.”

“The long walk was a slow remembering of how profound and wonderful life is; along the old trail God is everywhere and in everything. Wherever I look I am looking at God.”

“I came to realize that we are held in the hands of God and are utterly perfectly safe – in life and in death.”

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Staying Alive With Stage 4 Cancer - NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! Staying Alive With Stage 4 Cancer – NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

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  1. cpecpecpe Reply

    Thank you. I needed your positive message. I also have a goal and I am having issues with low energy levels as well as side effects. I have Stage four prostate cancer. My goal is to do the eight day "Michigander" bike ride. Every year since 1995 I have done the week long "Michigander" bike ride (~360 miles). Last year I was still recovering from surgery and was only able to do the two day weekend ride (~75 miles). Since then I had 38 rounds of radiation and I am 8 months into two years of hormonal therapy. I am trying to get into shape for the ride, but I still spend over ten hours a day in bed. Your story is just what I needed to hear. God bless.

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  2. Ester Cooney Reply

    i lost my mother in law to Liver Cancer last friday at 4pm. She had 6 months but lasted a year. i think hepatitis was to blame :-(. Get tested everyone! you can get Hepatitis from dirty resturants! it eats up the liver!

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  3. Muka Ozturk Reply

    u have already inspired me I have diagnosed recently May light always upon u and ur family Many blessing

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  4. BigGold Reply

    Ever just get angry about it about it all! I love to feel as though you do and most times I do. But sometimes I get so angry about it! To know your fate, to accept it, its quite frustrating. To know I'll be dead before everyone I meet, even the elderly. Its so hard to accept.

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  5. Bertha Green Reply

    God Bless You Edie!

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  6. Cynthia D Reply

    What an amazing beautiful story…you are strong and inspirational…and yes God is everywhere?

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  7. JacksInn Reply

    My father was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer a week ago. It has spread to his liver. His first chemo was last friday. …Your video gives hope. You are a strong woman. Thanks.

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  8. jeston cherry Reply

    Thank you so much. So can you tell me how you beat the cancer please.

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  9. jeston cherry Reply

    Please help me. My mom has gallbladder cancer and it reached to her liver. Now het eyes turning yellow. Please help me and give me tips that you achieved. Please. My mom had gallbladder cancer for almost a year now. Please help

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  10. sick Rick Reply

    Hope this a real story

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  11. ninjazoner Reply

    she's hot too.

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  12. SuperErino Reply

    Dear Edie, that is amazing story and I wish you much health and happiness!!! I am from Slovakia (before Czechoslovakia), I apologize for my english – it isn't very good, but I trying to learn it. My mother diagnosed gallbladder cancer in May, 2014, Stage I, after laparoscopy of gallbladder. I am very much affraid and worried! The surgeon considering gallblader bed resection …I hope and I pray, it is gonna be OK!

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