Cooking essentials: A peek inside a professional chef’s kitchen

(BPT) – From spices and oils to gadgets and gizmos, it seems like there’s always new, trendy items that you should add to your kitchen. However, trying to separate the handy from the hype can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Professional chefs know not everything is worthy of space in their kitchens, but it’s not always easy for the home cook to figure out what they need and what they don’t.

That’s why Devin Alexander, New York Times Bestselling Author and professional chef on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser,” gives a peek inside her kitchen. By providing the top items she uses every day, you can get better insight on what’s really worth your while.

Chef Alexander’s top kitchen must-have’s:

Oil sprayer: When you buy olive sprays at the store, it can contain ingredients like extra chemicals or propellants. An oil sprayer is a useful tool that you fill with your oil of choice – and nothing else.

Kitchen scale: You don’t have to weigh everything, but a kitchen scale is a handy tool that can help you keep to your healthy eating goals. It’s great for weighing protein and cheese so you stay in check while whipping up recipes.

Celery: When you crave something with crunch, it’s easy to reach for crackers and dip. That’s why keeping celery on hand is a smart choice. It has all the crunch to satisfy your cravings and goes great with your favorite dips.

Truvia Nectar: This sweetener, blended with stevia leaf extract and honey, has 50 percent fewer calories than regular honey or sugar. It’s twice as sweet as honey so you only need half as much. Perfect to add to tea, on yogurt and in dressings. Learn more at

Cinnamon: One pantry essential that is extremely versatile is cinnamon. A sprinkle here and there will satisfy your sweet tooth without too many added calories. Try adding to your favorite beverages and sweet or savory recipes.

Oatmeal: While great for breakfast, oatmeal is so much more than a morning food. Use oatmeal as a healthy way to add texture to recipes. For example, add to meatballs and baked goods for a tasty, whole-grain boost.

Instant coffee: Did you know instant coffee can be used for more than just your morning jump-start? For example, the flavor of protein shakes can get old, but when you add a little instant coffee you have a java-flavored indulgence.

Now you know what items are used daily by a professional chef so you can decide which are worth your investment. When you stock your home kitchen with the right foods and tools, there’s no limit to your culinary creativity.

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* Tasting amazing bites from the 99 essential restaurants in LA, from fine dining to street food at LA Weekly: The Essentials. Shout out to chefs Michael Voltaggio, Curtis Stone, Roy Choi and Sang Yoon for showing love to Tanaya’s Table. More at Cheers! 🍴🍷🎬

Tanaya's Table - Inside LA Weekly: The Essentials 2015 Tanaya’s Table – Inside LA Weekly: The Essentials 2015

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