Lifestyle experts & real sinus sufferers share their tips to relieve sinus pressure and congestion

(BPT) – Sinus pressure and congestion can get in the way of your favorite activities and when they do, you want to find fast relief so you can get on with your day and get the rest you need at night.

To provide you with real advice on how to relieve your symptoms, Sinex joined forces with a group of lifestyle experts – and sinus sufferers – to arm you with five solutions for sinus stuffiness. Keep these tips in your back pocket and the next time you feel that familiar pressure coming on, you’ll be ready. 

1. Hydration is key.

Drinking hot liquids may help ease sinus discomfort. You can mix up a glass of hot water, a spoonful of honey, and add a little lemon or indulge in chamomile tea, green tea, or chicken noodle soup.

2. Take a decongestant.

Over-the-counter nasal decongestants work because they reduce blood flow to the nasal membranes, decreasing swelling and congestion, which opens up your nasal passages and decreases pressure in your sinuses. For fast relief, try Sinex Daytime Liquicaps, a non-drowsy formula that contains a powerful pain reliever and phenylephrine, which is a safe and effective decongestant. If your sinus congestion is worse at night, try Sinex Nighttime Liquicaps. They both work in under 30 minutes.

3. Place a warm compress across the bridge of your nose and lie down with eyes closed.

This is a favorite tip from Jennifer Borget, of Baby Making Machine. She recommends it because it’s soothing and relieves congestion. Borget also says you can run a hand towel under warm water, wring it out and place it over your nose for some gentle first aid.

4. Try a nasal spray.

Joe Miragliotta of Joe’s Daily is a big fan of nasal sprays. He uses Vicks Sinex 12-Hour Decongestant Ultra Fine Mist Nasal Spray because it helps relieve the sinus and nasal congestion that often accompanies colds, hay fever or upper respiratory allergies.  It’s 12 hour relief that starts working instantly.

5. Opening the airways is essential for a good night’s sleep.

When it’s hard to breathe through your nose, it’s nearly impossible to fall asleep, according to Stephanie Caruso of Elle Olive and Company. She also says that one of the best solutions can be the simplest. Slide an extra pillow or two behind your head when you lie down at night. It puts you in the right position to keep your airways clear of congestion.









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