Managing osteoarthritis: What you don’t know is hurting you

(BPT) – Twenty-seven million Americans suffer every day from chronic discomfort and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of arthritis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There have been limited advancements in osteoarthritis therapies, leaving patients with fewer options and worsening symptoms. Because daily activities can be such a struggle, doctors and patients have increasingly turned to synthetic pain relievers such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioids (narcotics).

What many people may not know is that long-term use of NSAIDs and opioids can have dangerous side effects. NSAIDs come with serious warning labels and carry even greater risk for people with kidney, stomach or heart conditions. Prescription opioid use – and resulting deaths – have quadrupled over the last 20 years, according to the CDC. People using opioids are also at risk for heart issues, addiction, falls and other accidents due to extreme drowsiness.

‘Osteoarthritis patients just want to be able to get through their day, but opioids (narcotics) and NSAIDs should not be a first choice for chronic disease management; we need to explore other options,’ says Dr. Dean Mariano, director of the Spine and Pain Institute at MidState Medical Center in Connecticut and chairman of the Connecticut State Medical Society’s Task Force on Opioids.

There are safer options to manage OA symptoms, but many are underutilized due to lack of knowledge and insurance coverage issues. One of these options is prescription medical foods, a class of medicines recognized by the FDA and developed from powerful, natural molecules. What makes a medical food?

* The ingredients in medical foods have been designated “Generally Recognized as Safe” (G.R.A.S.) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

* Medical foods must be intended for the distinctive nutritional requirements of a chronic disease or condition.

* Medical foods require physician supervision.

‘In our practice, many patients are surprised to learn about the role natural prescription medical foods can play in managing osteoarthritis,” Dr. Mariano says. “We create individualized plans that include positive lifestyle changes, medical foods such as Limbrel, and a common-sense approach to using traditional pain relievers where necessary and appropriate.”

Limbrel is a prescription medical food proven safe and effective for long-term osteoarthritis management. It contains two highly concentrated and purified flavonoids that work by balancing multiple inflammatory pathways in the body, which causes significantly fewer side effects. Flavonoids are natural molecules found in foods like green tea, dark chocolate, and certain fruits and vegetables. Learn more about medical foods for osteoarthritis at

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    Can anything be done for Notalgia Paresthetica?

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    its really good

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    the best way to keep your back at its best is to never use the back to lift push pull ect its better to use the legs

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    Have this injury 2 years ago, i still feeling kinda hurt (sometimes) but still I can play football..??

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    Can't find your website….Not found?

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    The stretches in the video really worked to help my lower back instantly! I will keep doing these daily! Thanks!

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    There are many components to ways to treat paruresis. One resource I discovered which successfully combines these is the Gabs Shyness Guru (check it out on google) it's the most useful resource i've seen. look at all the extraordinary info .

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    Ok Doc so in my case a year since now i had a bulging disc l4-l5 and i want to come back to the Gym what should i do & what should i avoid if u may answer me thank u

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    Thanks for showing me how to do these simple stretches. Hopefully they will help my Osteo-Arthritis in my back. I wish I was at the beach too!

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    cure for back pain for free… Have a Healthy WORK OUT regiment!!!!!!! thatz all no way around it, not even surgery!!!

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    My back would feel a lot better if I were by that beach too….

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    These look like VERY good exercises. I like the way he starts off easy….and works into it.

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    I started this thinking I could get myself to work quickly. what a disappointment. either way those 2 exercises helped a bit. And no I'm not buying a dvd. I've gotten lazy but I know the secret to a healthy back. I used to jog up steep mountain trails, and do some bouldering at the top. the secret to a strong back starts and ends with legs. I'm not talking about running on flat ground either. you have to get the full range motion to do it right. I was brutal to my back and never hurt it when I exercised. it's time to get off my ass

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