The new rules of weight loss: the new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion … reveals how to take steps to lose weight and stay slim … Quick results … look and feel best possible.

The new rules of weight loss: the new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion ... reveals how to take steps to lose weight and stay slim ... Quick results ... look and feel best possible.

The key for fast and permanent fat loss is smarter not harder Working

Today the public is confused more than ever about what is the best fat loss program is. Most people are very frustrated and confused about the most effective way to go about the best performing fat loss to get the body they desire form. Today we have conflicting information so fat loss out there and people are confused about what the best methods are fat loss. A large number of people are spending hours and hours in the gym, without any significant results fat loss.

These people are working out almost every day, in all the fancy gym equipment to burn body unwanted fat. They could also take different kinds of aerobics or spinning too.

They are probably also testing new strategies loss diet fat loss fad that promises quick and easy fat in just a few weeks. They are probably also spending a lot of money on new fat loss supplements moment could be the secret to losing fat fast and easy. They are also observing the obsessive scale to control your fat loss progress.

If the scale goes up a pound or two can be very annoying and maybe even change up your entire training program or diet completely or just give up their so-called “best loss program grease”!

After all, this is the kind of stuff that many of the popular fat loss and diet gurus typically recommend for fast fat loss. But with so many different training strategies fat loss and diet plans fat loss being pushed as the be all and end all “best program fat loss”, what happens is that they tend to be so frustrated and confused that often burn out without fat burning. So most people think they have to accept their body fat and never will lose unwanted fat and have the slim body you want to have.

Many people will lose sight of what really matters in achieving fat loss of life and fitness. The principles of fat loss that many people do not know, most people have forgotten, and only a few select sales use to achieve fat loss of life and fitness. These are the same principles that are used successfully by Hollywood celebrities and ordinary people to achieve maximum fat loss and staying fit for life!

With most exercise programs or nutrition, you’ll probably get some fat loss at first, but too often the progress does not continue or does not come as fast as the person would like because they’re not being smart about your fat loss program. They are only focused on fat loss very fast short term and a specific objective. So just change someone else “program rapid fat loss” and the cycle continues until they have become consumed by this cycle of confusion.

Fat Loss

In my opinion this is one of the main reasons for the lack of fat loss and fitness progress that is being experienced by the masses of athletes and applicants for fat loss the world. They are jumping from a crazy fad diet or exercise routine to another, while losing sight of the important goals of fat loss, and what really works. The trick to losing fat quickly and permanently is to learn to work smarter, not harder. In short, many individuals are exerting too, but not properly exercise for fat loss and trying to meet the diet programs unrealistic fat loss. Instead of being smart and focused on a fat loss program long-term, “lifestyle” as it is often called, and not worry about “losing 10 pounds in one week.”

Remember to be smart in your fat loss journey and learn to work smarter and not harder. Must be a smart search engine for fat loss.

Bogumil Gizewski is a renowned fitness expert and founder of lose fat 1 and is also the creator of programs like IQ fat burning fat burner and Abs IQ training program.

This is a Fat Loss Confusion Review The new rules of weight loss: the new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion … reveals how to take the steps to lose weight and stay slim … quick results … look and feel your best. . It is a pleasure to present this.
The new rules of weight loss: the new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion. .. reveals how to take simple steps to lose weight and stay slim ... quick results ... look & amp; feel your best .
The new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion … reveals how to make easy to lose weight and stay slim forever steps. Fast results … look and feel your best.

The world today is suffering the effects of poor nutrition, poor water quality and above all wrong and confusing advice.

This book will help you cut through the confusion and give you a clear idea of how to improve their health, fitness and energy.

in the past 18 years I have witnessed many of the “old” rules is replaced by “new” rules sometimes were exactly the opposite of what was previously thought.

Due to the time constraints imposed on most people, I’ll try to make this book a concise summary of WH Read the rest of this comment here …


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* Build muscle and burn fat: the word cardio and immediately think of traditional, long-distance walking on a treadmill or pounding on the elliptical machine. The problem is that these are far from the best ways to lose more effective or fat. In fact, I call this type of cardiovascular workout parte.Como no way you can see in this video, while running on a treadmill at a steady pace for 40, 50 or even 60 minutes can burn the highest percentage of fat as fuel, the highest amount of fat does not burn (especially when compared to higher intensity training)! For example, as I show in this video, 40 minutes of walking on a treadmill will burn about 250 calories. 50% of these calories from fat is … or 125. On the other hand, whether to perform burst training ATHLEAN for only half the time, it would be able to burn about 380 calories, of which 35% of them would be from fat. Do the math and you end up burning 133 calories of energy sources grasa.As? you can burn calories more overall fat in half the amount of time by switching to the correct form of cardio! This is only part of what the ATHLEAN-X program successfully! When strength training with athletic efficient base with the right amount of conditioning to cause fat loss combined while preserving muscle to get the ultimate benefits of both! It’s time to start your body transformation ATHLEAN today. You can start more sessions strength training and conditioning to get training like an athlete check out our YouTube channel at http: / /

Cardio Workout Confusion - What is the best cardio for fat loss Cardio Workout Confusion – What is the best cardio FAT LOSS
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12 Responses to “The new rules of weight loss: the new formula weight loss brand that eliminates confusion … reveals how to take steps to lose weight and stay slim … Quick results … look and feel best possible.”


    Let's be honest most people don't like running out doors or on a treadmill. Most people don't like running period. Having great stamina is much more impressive to me then building big muscles. Don't forget that Cardio is about making your heart and your lungs stronger along with burning calories. Basically building big muscles is to look good. But Having great stamina by doing cardio is for your heart , lungs , and for all of your organs even your brain. If you want to look in shape then lift heavy and get huge but if you want to actually be in shape then don't forget to do cardiovascular workouts. I combine both weight lifting and cardio so I have a good balance of both power and endurance. Too many people aren't balanced enough. They either lift weights more then they do cardio or do cardio more then they lift weights. Do an even amount of both on a consistent basis and you will see results.

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  2. umair khan Reply

    my weight is 120kg..I started gym 35 minutes on treadmill with 5.5mph speed nd 30 minutes on cycling with 21.5 speed but in one hour n 5minutes only burn 240 calories appx….m disappointed because in 5days my weight is the same not a 0.001pcnt reduce
    anyone reply

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  3. gigi tiful Reply

    im not a runner but i like to walk any advise for burn calories?

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  4. gigi tiful Reply

    can you burn fat in a treadmill in 3.5 speed

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  5. Dontay Banks Reply

    I burn atleast 300 calories on treadmill and 200 on elliptical …… Ive lost around 20 pounds already ….i would say the elliptical is much better though it really does work the whole body so you'll deff need the next day off depending if your a fitness freak or not ….

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  6. RaidenLP Reply

    what if you walk for 2 hours a day and burn 800 calories,its easier then burst training and its burning more fat,personally id love to do burst training once i get to a heathy level of body fat and weight but for now im gonna stick with a longer approach that will lose fat quicker,rather then the burst training which would be very difficult would be a bit of a slower burner but with an additional purpose

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  7. 18 Months Reply

    Terrible science

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  8. Cody Bogard Reply

    Darla is such a babe
    new fan now

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  9. r Negoro Reply

    According to Christian Finn CSU did a research on EPOC of HIIT, the EPOC is roughly 35-50% of the calories burned during the exercise. So if you do your HIIT crap and burn 200 cals, your post exercise burn is at most 100 cals. You might argue HIIT also help build muscle, but obviously doing your 5-10 reps squats is more beneficial.

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  10. Mark Wilson Reply

    So should I go for a 2.5 mile run if I'm trying to get bigger? i do it in about 14 mins…

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  11. TruthFLA Reply

    what about burst training on a treadmill?

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  12. Priceman5 Reply

    I use the interval option on the treadmill for this very reason. I usually jog at 5.5 speed for 3 minutes, then sprint at 7.5 for one minute (all at a 1.5 – 2% incline). I do this for 20 minutes and end up usually burning around 400 calories. Anyone see anything wrong with this?

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